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I’m happy to call San Diego my home, however, I originally grew up on an apple orchard in a small town in Washington State. My simple beginning in a small town taught me about a strong work ethic, the value of strong relationships, and what a true sense of community is all about.

I have always had an eagerness to spread my wings and explore outside the close community I grew up in. As I headed off to college, it instilled a feeling of independence and a drive to continue learning. After college, I moved to Seattle but had always longed for sunny weather and San Diego was an obvious choice!

My curiosity to experience other cities and cultures fueled my “travel bug.” I was fortunate to experience 11 countries in 6 months last year, traveling around Europe,  Southeast Asia, and Australia. This was an eye-opening experience along the way, as I discovered that “home” comes in a many different shapes and sizes.

My belief has always been, that “we are here to help one another” and by combining this belief along with my travel experiences, my decision to help others was solidified.  I was inspired to merge my passion of assisting others and finding the perfect place to call home, and launched my real estate career with a team of like-minded Realtors at THRiVE.

Giving back to others by treating each client like they are family is what I enjoy most about this business. Let me travel with you on your real estate journey in San Diego!

My Name:

Ashley Anderson

I Am:

A Dreamer

Born In:

Wenatchee, WA

Proudest Moment:

Traveling solo in another Country.

The Ideal Day:

Sunrise in the Maldives, breakfast with the locals, scuba diving, [teleport to] San Diego for some tacos, live music, then to Washington State to be with family & friends (ideal not realistic, right?)

My Very First Job:

Barista at a coffee shop.

Super Hero Power:

That I want?….Flying.

Favorite Movie:

Almost Famous.


My Mom.



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