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Having a positive impact on people is a constant thread throughout all areas my life.  The legacy I wish to leave is that people’s lives are better for knowing me. From the time I started in the workforce, I have lived by that life motto.  My family, friends, and clients say how I do this is through my integrity, my resources, and my tenacity.

As a mother of a teenager I always say that actions speak louder than words.  Integrity in action is doing what you say you are going to do with guiding principles.  My faith and local place of worship gives me my guiding principles.  The Team You Need surrounds me with like-minded individuals providing a dependable foundation to take effective action.

Moving around the United States as a young child and then as a dependant in the military strengthen my skills in quickly making the right connections for the right resource.  For approximately the last two decades I have been a resident of San Diego.  I have built lasting relationships locally and maintained my connections across the United States.  Currently I am involved in several networking groups which continue to build my resources which I then pass on to my clients.

Bringing the goals and dreams of my clients to reality is one of the honors of being their real estate agent.  When I bought my house many years ago I had an agent that was my guide throughout the process and now I can do that for others.  I knew that I would build my business around working with clients before during and after a transaction.  Today I can proudly say that I have built a lasting business with forever clients who refer me to their family and friends.  Let’s go get your dream!

“My friends are my estate.” ~ Emily Dickinson


My Name:

Colleen Bjornson but soon Colleen Martin 🙂

I Am:

a gardener. A grower of others, myself, goals, and veggies too!

Born In:

Honolulu, Hawaii – Dad is a surfer & Mom loves adventure.

Proudest Moment:

I’m most proud that I push to new levels of achievement.

Alarm Clock Sound:

A loud old-fashioned beep, beep, beep.

The Ideal Day:

spending time doing something with others – it could be with my family, my friends, my work family, or something new – we could be laughing, hiking, brainstorming, or match-making homes.

My Very First Job:

babysitting 2 neighbor kids 40 hours a week one summer…phew!

Super Hero Power:

Never met a stranger.

Favorite Movie:

The Abyss.


Jeremiah 29:11 – 14


More than a place…it’s a feeling, a concept, an action, the reason why.

Colleen Bjornson

THRiVE Agent

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