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I am a native San Diego and don’t believe I could ever live anywhere else.  I grew up in National City and moved to La Mesa in 1993 when my husband James and I bought our first home.  At that time I was a stay at home mom to my 3 children.  I began my career in real estate in 2000 and have loved every minute of it.  Although I’ve helped many buyers and sellers throughout the years, I have to say that seniors and first time home buyers give me the most satisfaction.  I love when I can put someone’s mind at ease and help them through what is often an unfamiliar and stressful time in their lives.

My kids are grown and they have blessed me with 2 beautiful grandchildren.  Alex and Sophia are the light of my life and spend their days helping grandma. So if you see me running around town showing properties with diaper bags and laptops it’s just what I do and love every minute of it!

My Name:

Deniese Chavez

I Am:


Born In:

San Diego, Ca

Proudest Moment:

The birth of my kids and grandkids.

Alarm Clock Sound:

Don’t have one, the Grandkids come in and wake me up.

The Ideal Day:

On the beach.

My Very First Job:

Woolworths – Fashion Valley

Super Hero Power:

Running with Granny Nanny daycare and real estate.

Favorite Movie:

All comedies – Nothing specific.


My Family.


An Inspiring and Happy Place!

Deniese Chavez

Thrive Estate Agent

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