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Hi! My name is Jamie. Animal lover from Day 1. Raised pigs and steers with Future Farmers of America all through high school and never gone a day without a dog by my side. I worked as a veterinary assistant for 13 years. Working with the animals was only half the experience. I spent many of hours helping the people who considered these pets a member of their family. I would always took pride in knowing that I was able to comfort these families in an often scary and difficult time. After 13 years, it was time to move on. I took a chance on a random craigslist ad that landed me an amazing assistant position with some of the best realtors in East County. I never knew how much fun real estate could be! I’m constantly learning and taking on new challenges. And I still get to make sure the client is comforted in knowing they are being taken care of. It’s an exciting adventure with a group of people that have become another family to me. 

When it’s time to turn off, spending time with mine and my boyfriends family is number one. We enjoy camping, fishing, and getting outside. Every Wednesday night you can find him and I at Parkway Bowl, where we are going on our 4th straight year of being on a bowling league. In the end, it’s just about enjoying the little things with the people we care about. 

My Name:

Jamie Sorchy.

I Am:


Born In:

La Mesa, Ca

Proudest Moment:

Winning grand champion with my steer at the East San Diego County Jr. Fair.

Alarm Clock Sound:

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line.

The Ideal Day:

Early workout, playtime with the pups, quick breakfast shake, pick up a pay check and take a road trip with my boyfriend and dogs.

My Very First Job:

Veterinary Assistant.

Super Hero Power:


Favorite Movie:

Halloween (1978).


The happiness and gratitude for life of the people around me.


Driving Fast, Taking Chances, Being Happy

Jamie Sorchy

Client Care Specialist

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