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Born to have fun with work, my first job was at age 13.  I worked in a ski shop, downtown Seattle.  I was a sassy one, in a pink button up oxford and about 10 strands of pearls.  My outside was Nordstrom and my inside was saying, how many pairs of ski’s can I sell today?  Nordstrom buyer to clothing designer to Realtor has been a fun  career adventure.  Each time growing the perspective business to new heights.  My passion for truly caring about people has built my reputation saying what I mean and doing what I say.  On a daily basis, I ask myself, can I put my name to my work.  If I can not, I start again and get it right!

Life is a celebration for me.  Family, travel and backpacking are my top 3.  Sprinkle a lot of cooking, great books and gardening in there and we are really be on the right track.

I love San Diego and the opportunities it brings my clients.  To live, work and play here is a dream.

My Name:

Jefi Moultrie

I Am:

A Gypsy

Born In:


The Ideal Day:

Early coffee with my husband, exercise, morning huddle with my team (squeeze in a few hugs) work, work, work, stellar home made dinner, a little work in the yard, chat with my family, bed.

My Very First Job:

Ski Shop.

Super Hero Power:

I know when people are fibbing. EEEK!

Favorite Movie:

Love Actually.


The people I surround myself with.


The Coolest Adventure I have Ever Been On.

Jefi Moultrie

THRiVE Agent

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