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I lived on St. Simons Island until I was 15 years old. My mom got me a job bussing tables at 14 years old at The BowRider Cafe and I went to three highschools because we moved around. I graduated at San Marcos High and finished college at Chico State. I lived in Brazil for 16 months and returned home to manage a Saturn dealership for a few years before diving head first into Real Estate in 2004. Happily married for 8 years and I have an awesome little brother from the Big Bro Big Sis program. I have 2 nephews and a niece that we love to spoil. Work is very satisfying and it’s not easy to make an escrow go smoothly so it’s always a challenge to do everything in my power to serve my client and anticipate problems so I can protect my client and their interests. Negotiations are something I take a lot of pride in so I work hard to make my clients the most money. Every year is a building block to become better so I enjoy the challenges Real Estate provides and I truly care about my clients and the service they receive.

My Name:

Joe O’Meara

I Am:

a Ninja

Born In:


Proudest Moment:

Learning Portuguese.

The Ideal Day:

My wife listening to EXO.

The Ideal Day:

Coffee with wife, all work negotiations go my way, finish work at 1pm, meet friends at the beach, surf, eat fresh caught fish, laugh a lot, wife gives me shoulder massage, sleep like a baby.

My Very First Job:

Bussing tables.

Super Hero Power:


Favorite Movie:

The other guys.




The difference.

Joe O’Meara

THRiVE Agent