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I grew up in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, and as a recent transplant to the San Diego area I’m here to stay! My life partner is an amazing woman whom I couldn’t have imagined to exist. Her, along with her two children and two of my own, have shown me what gratitude and loving respect truly is.

I have a rich background, diverse and varied with constant echos of my core beliefs in transparency, integrity, family, and fun. Years in mortgage lending and homeowners insurance have honed my skills and abilities to look out for, listen to, and feel for my clients. Therefore, the word that best describes me would be iNTERESTED. I am genuinely interested in hearing the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How”. The greatest compliment I can receive is when my clients tell me I listen to their needs and my ability to get it done.

I joined THRiVE Realty because it’s chock full of talented, capable, and collaborative individuals who are an incredible benefit to my clients. My clients also benefit from me being an active member of local networking groups. I believe in building strong professional relationships and staying well connected to my growing group of friends. This allows for in-depth, direct access to the pulse of the communities in which I serve and THRiVE!

My Name:

Manfred Briese

I Am:


Born In:

Pasadena, Ca.

Proudest Moment:

When I embraced Acceptance

Alarm Clock Sound:

Alarm Clock Sound (Yeah the annoying one because it works!)

The Ideal Day:

Sunday morning Motorcycle ride on my Suzuki Boulevard M109R through the mountains with breathtaking scenery and a run down wooden tavern for brunch

My Very First Job:

Pet Shop Assistant

Super Hero Power:


Favorite Movie:

Anything by Luc Besson


Is everywhere


Moving forward personally, spiritually, and physically.

Manfred Briese

THRiVE Agent

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