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My “i” for THRiVE is “ivolved.” From running Oktoberfest in El Cajon for the last 22 years, to coaching my sons in various youth sports (soccer, rugby, baseball); from being a Director on the Lakeside Chamber of Commerce as well as twice being Chairman of the Board, to being elected two years ago to the Lakeside Planning Group; being active in the Association of Realtors as a past Board and State Board Director, and being the “Key Contact” for my State Senator, plus various community charity events that I take part in, I really believe in giving back to and staying involved in one’s community!

My Name:

Mike Anderson

I Am:

Single Dad, long-time real estate professional, sports fan, avid reader, sometimes world traveller!

Born In:

San Diego, Ca

Proudest Moment:

The first time each of my boys called me “Dad”!

Alarm Clock Sound:

Irish Music.

My Very First Job:

Grandfather’s egg ranch.

Super Hero Power:

To Fly.

Favorite Movie:

Monty Python’s Holy Grail.


Besides my two sons, other that I work or associate with that are involved in their community, however that’s defined, seeking to make it a better place.


A Great Opportunity!

Mike Anderson

THRiVE Agent

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