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Being from a small town outside of Montreal, Canada winters were long and cold so getting to know neighbors and spending time talking was what we did to pass time. Now that I’ve lived in sunny California for over 30 years, I enjoy talking and getting to know people because it’s my passion! Real estate was a natural fit because being a part of one of the most important transactions in a person’s life requires personalization, communication and understanding. Having bought and sold my own homes has allowed me to appreciate what a good realtor must possess. I’m here to work for you, to ensure that your needs are met, to make sure that you’re heard. Making, what some would describe as a stressful time, and turning it into a comfortable and positive experience – this is my ultimate goal!

Personalization, care and attention to detail are traits that set me apart from others. Your satisfaction and trust is what continues to motivate me to do and be better daily. Returning clients and referrals to their family members and friends is the highest compliment anyone could ever give me. I look forward to assisting you with your unique real estate needs! Je parle anglais et francais.

My Name:

Rachel Gariepy

I Am:


Born In:

Montreal, Canada

Proudest Moment:

Having my son

The Ideal Day:

The beginning of a beautiful and successful journey

The Ideal Day:

Spontaneous and Adventurous

My Very First Job:



Favorite Movie:

Pretty Woman


Self Motivators


The beginning of a beautiful and successful journey

Rachel Gariepy

THRiVE Agent

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