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Born and raised in northern Michigan with my four older brothers, by my loving parents Steve and Sue Gitre. The day I graduated high school I was packed up and ready for my adventure to San Deigo. The next morning, only thinking at the time that I would be here for the summer, I started my adult life here in the La Mesa (and east county surrounding areas) and never looked back.

San Diego is an incredible city filled with so many opportunities, great people and is plain and simply gorgeous on every level a place can be. I fell in love with the city and opportunities were created for me that allowed me the means to live here and do work that I loved. Helping people has always been a passion of mine and driving force. Making people’s lives better, if it is within my ability to do so is what I seek and do.

Being a real estate agent is an exciting opportunity for me to have a new capacity to help people get from one point in their lives to their desired next step. Our lives are a journey and being a helper along the way is what I am all about.

For seven years I worked through SDSU Foundation for a non-profit, helping young adults with disabilities have the opportunity to live independently on their own, in their own homes when they would otherwise have been living with their parents or in group homes. In 1997 I met my soul mate through the church I still attend. Three years later, we were married and starting a family. Since then I spent her formative years through 4th grade homeschooling her. During that time I began working in real estate with a private investor helping him manage privately owned condominiums for over 10 years.

Mixed in with all of that I have rented in San Diego and bought a home in El Cajon and have used my personal experience as a platform for relating with people and their housing needs. Connecting people with the most suitable housing situations and providing excellence of service and care in doing so is what I do.

Helping you with your next move, whether buying or selling or both would be my pleasure!

My Name:

Sara Marie Stiner

I Am:

A wife and mother

Born In:

1975 in Howell, Michigan

Proudest Moment:

Finishing my 1st half marathon in January 2018 and seeing how proud my husband and daughter were. I want her to dream.

The Ideal Day:

Doing what I’m designed to do, learning, growing as a person, helping others, having variety and being productive.

My Very First Job:


Super Hero Power:

That I want?….Flying.

Favorite Movie:



People that are dreamers and doers.


An exciting new adventure that I’m looking forward to be a part of , to learn & grow & expand to my fullest potential.

Sara Stiner

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