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After hitting my quarter life crisis like most millennials have, I decided to turn my life around in every sense of the way. I took a break and moved to FL for a few months just to gain a fresh new perspective in my career, spiritual, and personal life. I decided that after 9 years of working in retail sales management I would pursue a greater calling. My mother, who has been in real estate for over 17 years, encouraged me to continue in her path. Fast forward to today, I’ve never felt more fulfilled and called to this line of work than anything ever before. I have the opportunity to impact my clients, community, family, and friends with all that I have gained. I get to be a resource that serves – my greater calling in life.

My Name:

Sarah Marsal.

I Am:

not Sarah MARSHALL. I am Millennial with an old soul.

Born In:

Northridge, Ca

Proudest Moment:

Joining THRiVE!

Alarm Clock Sound:


The Ideal Day:

I would start my day off early by going for a jog or doing some yoga, and then head over to the beach to catch some rays. After that, I would find a local coffee shop to get some work done and knock off a few items from my to-do list. Late afternoon, I would go for a walk with my boyfriend at Balboa Park. Finally, at the end of the day, we would come home to a couple of ice cold, craft beers and watch Netflix together.

My Very First Job:

Subway…I can’t eat fresh anymore.

Super Hero Power:

I see home-less people (not homeless people).

Favorite Movie:

Dumb & Dumber. It’s a classic and I can quote every line.


My mother. She taught me to always keep pressing forward no matter how muddy the obstacle course gets.


A place to grow and inspire others while providing top-notch real estate expertise.

Sarah Marsal

THRiVE Agent

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